Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Indy 500 and Coke a Cola 600 Auto races - The day before Memorial Day

This weekend we honor those who have served in our countries military.  Those serving today, those that served yesterday, and those that gave a part or all of themselves so I can become a couch potato on Sunday while watching cars run around on my TV screen.  
So today I wish to say thank you to those of you who have served and to your families for the sacrifices they endured while you served. 

1943 - Joe Kerr, Camp Hahn, California
I am fortunate to have two men in my family who served in WWII and continue to amaze me with their stories.  1st a call to my father, Joe Kerr (94 yrs old) who served in the Army and was based at Camp Hahn in Riverside County California.  It is gone today, but was located to the west of what is the remains of March Air Force Base.  Dad spent most of his time driving trucks and taking various Generals out into the desert training grounds and camps.  Obviously this influenced his love of the desert and joy in exploring it's depths.  The base was one of several POW camps for Germans.  He has told me about my mother bringing me to the base for a visit when I was just a few weeks old and that the prisoners were very pleased to see a woman and infant that gave them some memories of their loved ones.  Thanks Dad for serving and for your life teachings to your four boys.

31 year old - Major Dave Lower
Next may I present  Major Dave Lower who served in both WWII and the Korean War.  Dave is my uncle-in-law and at 94 continues to provide many stories about his service.  He is very active with many of his fellow servicemen an enjoys keeping his friends and family up to date on their activities.
This is part of his story about his arrival at radio operator school.  "When I arrived at Scott Field, Illinois radio operator school, a S/Sgt. and a Corporal had charge of Barracks #248 where I lived (stayed is a more proper term.). They had a soft job since after they got us up in the morning and got us off to school, they loafed all day in the service Club playing ping pong and shooting pool, With a shortage of manpower in the Air Corps right after Pearl Harbor these experienced men were sent to more important assignments and students governed themselves."  

Thank you Dave for your many years of service and for your friendship over the past 45 plus years.  No doubt you could still beat me at ping pong too!!

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