Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day - 2013

The past few days I have tried to share some stories about the women of my family who have in some way influenced my life.  They have all been part of my blood.  But, like many of you, there have been other women (read: Mothers) who participated in our total development over the years.  One of my high school friends mother who provided a Mr. Hyde to my mother's Dr. Jekyll.  Thus increasing my appreciation for my Mother.  My girlfriends grandmother Gertrude who gave me advice on how to interact with her son.  Allowing me to become that beautiful woman's husband.  Then my wife's mother Ann.  What a grand lady and friend to me from day one. Gone now over 14 years, she is missed every day.
Judy, Jason and Ann - 1983

Today I celebrate Mothers Day with my best friend Judy.  Quick with her beautiful smile and the most thoughtful person I have ever known.  She has me under her spell and I love every minute.  I have tested her resolve through the years and she has always been there to encourage and support.

In a single word, she is 'adventurous'. My partner in life for over 47 years - I Love You Babe!

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