Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Maternal Grandmother - Faye Irene Nye Hamilton

April 1966 - Faye Hamilton and Larry Kerr
Grandma Hamilton was born in Colorado in 1898.  During her formative years, the Nye family was moving around the Weld and Denver counties looking for work and saving money to get their own farm.  She would live on the farm for only a few years before meeting a Navy cook in training.  Based at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, William Hamilton found himself smitten by Faye Nye and the two were wed on May 25, 1918.  This was a double marriage, as Faye's sister Marie took vows with Elbert Lawson at the same ceremony.

With both husbands in the military preparing to serve in WWI, Faye and Marie moved to Greeley and attended Greeley Teachers College.  They remained in Greeley working as substitute teachers until their husbands returned from the war.  Marie and Elbert remained in Colorado, but William and Faye moved to Santa Monica, California.

An active member of the Christian Science Church, Faye was a loving and caring member of every community where she lived.  I was very fortunate to live only a few houses away from her as I grew up in the late 50's and 60's.  She loved baseball and followed the Dodgers every day.  For as many years as I knew her, she drove a 1938 Willys California.  Right up until her death in 1987 just 10 days after her 89th birthday.

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