Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lets go back to 1794 and the Samuel Lamb household

My 4th maternal great grandfather is Enoch Lamb.  Born in Groton Connecticut on July 17, 1794 to Samuel Lamb and Tabitha Wightman Lamb.  Our country is less than 20 years old and Enoch is born to grow with it.  The Louisiana Purchase and Louis and Clark explorations would soon open a whole new world for young Enoch.  As a young boy he worked in his father's business as an Apprentice Cooper.  He would continue this work for the remainder of his life.  What is a 'Cooper'?   I had to Google "Cooper" and I copied this from Wikipedia: "Traditionally, a cooper is someone who makes wooden staved vessels of a conical form, of greater length than breadth, bound together with hoops and possessing flat ends or heads. Examples of a cooper's work include but are not limited to casks, tubs, buckets, barrels, butter churns, and hogsheads."

In 1818 he married Priscilla Avery.  20 years later they and their 6 children are in Circleville Ohio.  In 1838 Enoch and Priscilla were among the hand full of residents who established the First Baptist Church in Circleville.  Like Enoch, his sons continued the family business as Coopers.  Enoch died in Jun 1851 and was laid to rest in the First Baptist Church cemetery.

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