Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

God Bless the United States of America.  Lord, today more than ever our country needs your blessing as we fight to promote your name even at home.  You inspired our founding fathers and many generations that followed but our leaders have lost their way in the name of political correctness and godless teachings.  Please help them to see the truth through your name.  Amen

As we honor those who have served our great nation, let us not forget that we must continue the fight against terrorism at home and abroad.

Previously I posted two men from our family who represented the "greatest generation" to us.  Now I post photos of others that fought the fight for freedom.

 This Marine is my Dad's oldest brother, Cecil Kerr.  Picture taken around 1923.
 My Uncle-in-law Carroll Reish who enlisted in the Army on September 28, 1942.

This picture was taken in September 1944 and represents the Hamilton military family at the time. L to R is my maternal grandfather and WWI Navy veteran, William Hamilton.  The tall fellow in the back is Richard Kimball, US Army and husband to my mother's sister Irene.  The Navy got both of the Hamilton boys.  Pictured is William Hamilton, Jr. and still in training was his brother Harold.  The other Army pfc is my dad Joe Kerr married to Dorothy Hamilton. 

This is Van Reish, my brother-in-law.  Photo taken in 1964.  He served most of his time guarding our gold at Fort Knox.

My thoughts and prayers are given out to those now serving and the difficult task they endure everyday.  God bless every one of them.


  1. Jerry, that is a fine tribute to those in your family who made personal sacrifices serving their country.