Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today's Breakthrough!!

Well, actually it was yesterday but who is really keeping track.  Internet searching is just so much fun.  Hours of going line by line through hundreds of pages of the 1940 Census for Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, and La Verne I came up empty handed.  I have yet to find either Joe or Dorothy in the 1940 Census.  I did find Joe on a 1940 Los Angeles County registered voter list with their Hermosa Beach address of 645 1st Street.  A registered Republican???  Growing up he was always a Democrat, so this was interesting to me.

I then went to the Family Search data base and found a copy of their marriage certificate.  This was a document that no one had a copy and then it just popped from the page - - I had their wedding date off by a year.  They were married 25 Feb 1940, not 1941.  The census was taken in April, so they should be listed somewhere as husband and wife. I may have to face the fact that they were missed in the 1940 census.  But with this new information, and the voter registration list I may be able to narrow my search to the Hermosa Beach area.  I remember them telling me that Dad managed the gasoline service station that was located on the triangle at Pacific Coast Highway and Catalina Ave.  Today it is where the large Welcome to King Harbor sign is located along with the artistic sculptures and small park.

I remember seeing photos of this station many years ago, finding one may help to pinpoint a time frame when he was there.  Till then the 1940 Census search continues.

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