Saturday, March 2, 2013

Colorado Dreaming

March is Womans History Month and this is my favorite historical woman in my family.

She is my 3rd great grandmother, Mary Permelia Lamb.  Born in Circleville, Pickaway, Ohio, USA 24 Aug 1837.  On 14 Feb 1856 she married James Denbow and moved to Iowa.  He died in 1865 from injuries sustained  in the civil war.  Now a widow with their only daughter Viola, Mary remained in  Iowa and eventually married James Eakins in 1875. This photo is the two of them in Longmont, Colorado.  Taken between 1891, when they moved to Colorado, and 1899 when Mary once again became a widow.
Mary Lamb is one of my favorite female family members.  She comes from the Lambs of Groton, Connecticut and for me has that hearty spirit of the post civil war western expansionist.

Jerry Kerr

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