Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday and it is still daylight

Daylight savings sure messes with the old internal clock. Monday after the time change is the worst Monday of the year - and we are so privileged to get two of them.  I envy folks who live in Arizona.  No time change for them.  No clocks to reset,  no sleepless nights wondering if you will be on time for that early morning appointment,   They say that the time change was so farmers had more daylight for the planting of crops and such.  I think this was dreamed up by city politicians who had no clue as to what farmers go through.  Farm life is a sun up to sun down job no matter what the clock says.  Do you really think a Cow knows what time a clock has on it's face?  No she knows by the sun and daylight where she is supposed to be.  I figure money was the big motivator to changing the time.

Yesterday I talked about my grandfather, Joe Kerr.  He worked for the L & N Railroad.  I wonder how confusing it got for these guys back in the '20s and '30s dealing with the time changes from county to county.  I would assume that they would just operate on standard time all year round?  Any one know?

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