Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shopping Saturday

Where to begin? My early memories of shopping at Dorr's Market in North Redondo in the 1950's? Typical of the neighborhood grocery store's that popped up following WWII, the owner and his family were the back bone of the staff. No scanners, feed belts, or fancy cash registers, just a simple mechanical cash register and a counter for you to place your purchases. A meat counter where you paid the butcher directly, right over the display case. Today, specialty stores like Trader Joes and Whole Foods come the closest to the feel of shopping in the 50's.

My Aunt Lillian who was born on the Kerr Farm in Kerr Hollow Tennessee relates the experience of shopping at Hob Brimers store which was down the road from the farm. She would pick wild berries and take them to Hob and barter for cloth to make her clothes. If the family had an excess of eggs, they would trade eggs for script to use for future purchases. The time period for this shopping was from 1925 to 1942. These country stores had every thing from hard candy to shovels. They were the primary source for staples such as sugar, salt, coffee and canned goods. Farmers raised their fresh veggies, meat, and corn. Local gossip and news was also a staple of these country stores.

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