Friday, February 27, 2015

Some Hamilton and Nye

1958 and a picture of the women on our maternal side of the family.  Marie and Faye Nye are sisters who both married in Colorado and Marie went farming in Idaho and Faye ended up in Southern California.  Virginia Grimm married Faye's youngest son Harold.  My mother Dorothy married Joe Kerr in 1940 and her sister Irene married Richard Kimball and after her divorce married John Johnson of Santa Monica.

This picture was in our front yard and the tree that was planted following completion of the house.

This is Faye's husband and my grandfather William Hamilton driving dad's Jeep.  I am on the hood and don't look to happy about it either.

Grandpa Hamilton was a cement contractor who had a passion for gold hunting.  He would spend weeks in the deserts of California prospecting.  I have never heard any success stories from him or my Uncle Bill.  He and grandma lived a few houses down the street from us in Redondo Beach in their retirement years.

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