Saturday, February 21, 2015

Family visits

 My first trip to visit our East coast relatives was in August 1945.  I was not yet a year old.  Dad and Mom drove to Kentucky to visit with my ailing grandfather, Joe Kerr.  And of course it was a chance for them to parade me to all Dad's family.  As I got older, my memories are of the frequent visits by family to our house in Redondo Beach California.  I guess that by 1958 all of my Uncles and Aunts from Kentucky to Florida had paid us at least one visit.  Grandma Mollie Kerr would accompany most of the kin that traveled by train.  I don't remember her ever coming out by car.  This rather dark picture was taken at our friends Don and Mary Sidle's house.  Grandma Mollie is on the left, with Mary Sidle, then Aunt Lizzie Dew and Uncle Esco "Jake" Dew. 


It was always fun to have Aunt Lillian and Uncle Walter Young visit.  They would drive in from Tennessee and you never knew what kind of big car he would be driving.  Oldsmobiles and Buicks seem to come to mind when I think of Uncle Walter.  Of course a trip to one or more of the scenic wonders of California was part of everyone's visit.  This photo is of my Mom, Dorothy Kerr and my Aunt Lillian Young in one of the California Poppy fields around So California.

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