Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Some Misc Stuff

We got to spend the weekend with our grandson Wyatt.  He is almost 3 going on 12.  Old enough this year to enjoy Santa Claus and Christmas.  While they were here, we took a trip down memory lane and perused our digital collection of photos.  So now I have a new task to sort my computer files so they do not look like my desk.  Plus, I know that I have many more photos that I have not scanned.  That will happen following this first project.  In the mean time - if you have any family photos that you would like to contribute to this blog, send them to me either as digital or physical.  I will return the physical photos after scanning.  Enjoy.

This is the earliest photo Christmas card I have.  I do remember that shirt with the Pheasant print.  Dad is in his Letter Carriers uniform.  This may have been his last year as a mailman since he moved over to the new Vehicle Maintenance Facility as a Mechanic in mid 1954.  Then a few years later he took the Building Superintendents position at the Santa Monica Main Post Office.

Dad's first post war Jeep.  It shows up in many of our early photos.  This was taken in La Verne, California.

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