Saturday, April 20, 2013

Who was my mother's grandfather - chapter 2?

The Nye Family
Lura Nye, Oscar Nye, Marie Nye
This picture was taken in 1898 at the Stiffler & Killgore photo studio in Longmont, Colorado.  Oscar and his wife Lura with daughter Marie.  At this time, he is working as a day laborer.  Farming and truck driving are his primary income sources.  A second daughter, Faye, is born in October 1898.  Oscar continues to find work in the farming regions around Longmont.

Their third daughter, Fern, is born in 1908 and Oscar is still working towards getting his own farm.  This happens in 1911 when he is granted 160 acres near Olive Branch in Weld County, Colorado.  His life as a farm owner is a success through the 1920's.  His two oldest daughters both marry at the same ceremony in 1918.  Fern will marry in 1928 and the farm will default in 1929 and Oscar moves to Santa Monica, California.  He is now 62 and begins to seek work in construction.  He soon lands a job as a truck driver with the city parks department.  This will be his job until his retirement in 1942.  Oscar W Nye died in his sleep January 3, 1949 at the age of 80.

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