Saturday, April 6, 2013

Here we go again!

I just got started and then I stopped.  Last post on March 30 and today is Saturday April 6th.  Can't say why, but I needed time away from the computer and genealogy this past week.  This time of year has always had more than it's share of . . . . . for lack of a better word . . . . . stress!  Taxes, insurance, anniversary of Mom's death, my wedding anniversary . . . . all in the last week of March and first two weeks of April.

Not much we can do about taxes and insurance and our wedding anniversary plans are set so I will put a little tribute to my mother down for this 34th year since she died.

Dorothy Faye Hamilton was born in 1920 in Santa Monica California.  Raised during the great depression, she had a tough life moving around the western states as her parents sought work wherever they could find it.  Stories of farm labor jobs in Oregon and all through California were a part of my early education when I would complain about my chores.  "Eat everything on your plate" was also a daily ritual.  Going hungry in the 1930's would do that to you.  Mom has left a diary which has daily entries from 1934 through 1938.  I have reluctantly left it unread until now.  I plan to read it and then make plans on the best way to share the contents. 

This life and her marriage to my dad in 1940 and their early life through WWII years shaped her desire for her children to pursue stable jobs with utility companies or a government agency.  Job stability and regular income were the most important thing to her. More tomorrow.

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