Saturday, August 20, 2016

What? The?

WOW!  has it been that long?  Over one year since I posted anything on this blog.  Why?

To start with, I gave up my subscription to in August 2015 and have not really been pursuing any genealogy work since then.  I have dabbled in the new Legacy program which for me has been a struggle trying to understand.  I just can't get some of their processes through my brain.

Since the start of the new year I have concentrated much of my time to our new lifestyle.  This includes better eating habits, more exercise via walking, and fewer hours on the computer everyday.

After 8 months I have lost 68 pounds and working to get another 50 pounds off by Abe Lincoln's birthday next year. Then the really fun part begins.  To maintain that weight loss for the rest of my days before God calls me home.

The lifestyle change is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.  It takes effort to plan and cook meals at home that the old me would have gone to a fast food joint.  You know, drive through and get that Hamburger, Fries and Coke and eat the fries on the way home.  Scarf down the burger and coke and sit back and watch the boob tube.  No more. 

Walking as exercise is also hard to do.  When we began in January, the weather allowed us to walk every day at a local park that has a measured walking path of a half mile.  This got us started so we knew how far we had walked and a clock told us how long it took.  It was not long before that seemed like a poor choice.  It was so far away from the house that we had to drive to the park to walk.  So we began to walk around our neighborhood streets.  This helped us to get a wrist tracker that not only measured steps and distance but also heart rate.  Our Withings digital scale and our Garmin tracker keep tabs on my progress.  I walk everyday and weigh myself once a week. 

We are not morning people, so the walks are in the evening.  With our 100 plus days all summer long it becomes stressful to walk when the Sun is up, so we hit the streets at sunset.  Still, last week the temp was over 108 at 8pm.  So we look for indoor walking (that is free) for these really hot days.  Luckily the 24/7 casinos around town offer plenty of space for walking.  Finding a smoke free spot is the challenge.  But there are a few places that offer the correct environment.  Plus we can stick around and have a little fun at the slots.

This is the best I have felt in along time and I am so happy to face these challenges of change.