Saturday, July 25, 2015

Finding DKW?

Many years ago, family friend, Don Sidle brought this foreign made camper to Dad's place in Morongo Valley.  Originally powered with a two cycle engine with about 42 horsepower, Don had installed a 6 cyl Corvair engine which needed some fine tuning on the installation and the engine.  Don left the camper for us to use when family and friends sleeping needs exceeded the capacity of the house.  After sitting for over 20 years it was sold for scrap.  
As the above picture taken in early 2014 shows the scrap yard saw the value of this rare (in the USA) vehicle and finally sold.  I am sure that more than one family member will have memories of sleeping in the DKW at Thanksgiving.  For me, it is just weird that this photo was found while trolling car blogs.

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